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  Boris Becker  
  Boris Becker facing prison  
  Boris Becker facing prison
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  Stealing the fire  
  A Mercenary Prometheus Serving Iraq`s Nuclear Ambitions  
  A Mercenary Prometheus Serving Iraq`s Nuclear Ambitions - Dieser Artikel steht auch als PDF zur Verfügung
  World set free
05.Dezember 2002

  Access of Evil
Jon Dolan, 16./22.OKtober 2002


  Stealing the Fire
  Directed by John S. Friedman and Eric Nadler
At Cinema Village

Access of Evil
by Jon Dolan
October 16 - 22, 2002

But in a quaint kinda way. For a really scary monster, Stealing the Fire unravels the roots of Iraq's hobbled-but-horny nuclear weapons program, in terms that'll have you packing for Nebraska. John S. Friedman and Eric Nadler trace Saddam's bomb lust back to Heisenberg, the Nazis, and a company called Degussa built on confiscated Jewish capital. The story's sniveling swingman is Karl-Heinz Schaab, a Dilbertian technician who boosted information on centrifuge secrets from Degussa and sold it to Iraqi agents in the late '80s. Pretty horrific, huh? Well, placing blame sorta misses the point in a world of matrixed self-interest where all is equally just and unjust. This is the type of story that gives John Le Carré bed sweats-skating through Brazilian jails, Egyptian hideouts, Russian prison camps, past cats with names like Zippe and Boetcher, from Auschwitz to Amsterdam, right through the Pentagon and straight into Don DeLillo country. Its black center (or lack thereof) comes courtesy of Schaab's chain-smoking defense lawyer, Michael Rietz: "Man is bad, world is evil." Boo.

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